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Biga garage is a new company that aims to build a reputation for being passionate about cars and motorcycles, new and collectibles, providing the most famous and interesting international brands.
We partner with a zealous and competent staff, who have a wealth of knowledge that can help you choose the right model and is capable of providing assistance and a high level of professionalism to our clients.

With Biga Garage we decided to open the doors of our show room, sourcing carefully cars and motorcycles new and old fashioned, making a lot of the most important and requested brands available, making sure that you achieve your classic or new car ownership dream. Discover with us the engines that made history.



  • We deliver on our promise of professionalism and we have the highest level of customer service.
  • Thanks to our targeted search in Italy, Europe and in the USA, we are capable of getting you the best vehicles, new and classic, sports car and vintage motorcycles both for enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Second hand guaranteed and certified.
  • We are able to deliver all over Europe.
  • Shipping promptly arranged.


Our showroom offers a wide choice of classic cars and motorcycles. Our small but always changing car and motorcycle selection is available for immediate delivery, that makes it easy for us to contain costs and achieve the required reliability and offer opportunities to our clients to buy vehicles at lower prices. Anyway for every car that is not available in our showroom we are willing to search for it and we are going to be able to deliver it, in two weeks if coming from the European Market, whereas it will require one month if coming from the US Market. In the lower floor of our showroom you can see the new cars and the vintage ones. Meanwhile entirely dedicated to old-fashioned motorcycles is the top floor. Here you can see for example an excellence of the Made in Italy: “Vespa Piaggio”, that is ever present in different versions in our showroom.