In order to proceed with the loan or leasing request, the following documents are required to submit the practice.


  • Valid identity card or driver’s license on both sides of the vehicle
  • Copy of social security number or health card back to front
  • Residence updated not more than 90 days documented with
    • Residence certificate issued by the Municipality
    • Last domestic utility bill
    • Registration papers
  • Income document
    • Employee: Last paycheck available
    • Pensioner: Cud or pension coupon
  • Bank IBAN for direct debit support


  • Identity card of the legal representative
  • Chamber of Commerce registration
  • Single Model with electronic submission receipt
  • Bank IBAN for direct debit support
  • Don’t be insolvent and / or protested
  • Age: minimum 18 years – maximum 70 years at the time of the request (71 years not yet completed). If the Applicant is over 70 years of age, at the time of the request, it will be necessary to acquire a Coobligate with an age not exceeding 70 years


  • Residence in Italy
  • Continuous, documented income with adequate supporting documentation from at least one signatory to the application (Applicant and/or any Co-obligor).
  • For particularly high amounts, it is preferable to present a co-obligator / guarantor with equal requirements.

For subjects with non-Italian citizenship

  • Minimum length of residence in Italy:
    • 12 months, if employee
    • 36 months, if self-employed
  • Minimum working seniority:
    • Employee
      • 12 continuous months, if
        If not continuous, 12 months of work diluted in a maximum of 24 months, verifiable from the date of recruitment in the copy of the payroll (possibly requesting also the copy of previous payroll, if the subject has changed jobs)
    • Self employed
      • At least one income statement

With all the above documentation, we fill out the application form together and, after submitting it, we will have the result in a few hours. This will not be binding until it is signed, in original, together with the purchase contract of the car.